You’d be mistaken for thinking this site is about green soup…I’m a terrible cook, I’m not great with vegetables & I detest peas. You might have noticed the sub heading, “A nourishing mix of all things Postpartum Psychosis”, that’s what this site is all about.

Postpartum Psychosis (PP) is often an unpalatable subject, but just like vegetables are for me, it’s something which has to be faced head on in order to be healthy, fortified & robust.

I’m a regular woman who worked, married, traveled a bit, had a baby….then got very ill out of the blue, 4 days after giving birth in 2006 with a scary sounding illness I’d never heard of. After recovering, I changed career to work with experts & academics supporting other mums & their families affected by this devastating & still little understood illness.

For nearly a decade, I feel I’ve been ‘studying’ Postpartum Psychosis; I’ve lived & breathed it every single day. Over these years I’ve been lucky to meet a great deal of women who’ve experienced PP, & their husbands & families. Some experienced it very recently whilst for others it was a long time ago, but all had harrowing & courageous stories to tell. We shared a special bond, a long awaited acceptance & understanding. Every single person I met taught me something new & helped me understand the big, confusing Postpartum Psychosis picture.

There’re lots of juicy ingredients for a good PP soup in the internet pantry, but there’re also plenty of dodgy portions well past their use by date. I wanted a space to store all the good stuff & to share the insider knowledge tidbits & hearty, wholesome morsels…

Bon Appétit!

Peas & Carrots

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